authorThe Art of William Chesser is characterized by realistic and highly detailed renditions in various media. Examples of pen and ink work are found in his Kestrel, Ore Wagon, and the Pima Point panorama in the Grand Canyon. Examples of his watercolor work include Delicate Arch, The Three Gossips, Balanced Rock, and the Columbine flower. Examples of his airbrush work are the fossil Trilobite and his Tyranosaurus Rex dinosaur. Examples of his scratchboard (scraperboard) drawings include The Sentinel (bald eagle), Prairie Folk (buffalo (bison) and prairie dog), Night Flight of the Screech Owl , then Journey’s End (screech owl), fox, and finally, In His Father’s Footsteps (fawn deer and Monarch butterfly).  Mixed media works include: Youpon Holly Mockingbird (scratchboard and watercolor), Black Tailed Jackrabbit (scratchboard and watercolor), and Heroes (scratchboard and computer graphics).