Heroes Prints

The Scottish poet James Barrie wrote,

“God gave us memories,

that we might have June roses in the December of our lives.” 


The concept of the illustration… Lest we forget…they were husbands, wives,

fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, friends, neighbors and strangers —-

Those who sacrificed for God, country, and us…

…was to help us remember all of our heroes, both living and dead.


            The central figure could be a man or a woman, could be either military, firefighter, police officer, or a civilian whose sacrifice or act of kindness blesses us all. The names that fill the sky came from the list of those we lost in the Twin Towers tragedy of September 11. Those names could just as easily have come from war memorials, newspaper accounts, journals, diaries, or our own unwritten memories. The mountains remind us of the words of the hymn, Firm as the mountains around us, stalwart and brave we stand. The flying birds and the expansive prairie remind us of the freedoms that we cherish. The roots of the grasses remind us of our deep-rooted commitment to our God, country and to each other. Some have said that they can see faces in the clouds.  Such are memories. They are different for each of us. It was hoped that this illustration will reinforce the good remembrances in all of our lives and make us better for it.