Dog Wars

This is a dog lover’s book. Dog Wars is a collection of encounters with dogs of various descriptions. The stories are sometimes serious and sometimes humorous, but all are true. The stories span the life experiences and changing perspectives of the writer from the viewpoint of an impressionable youngster, to the whimsical nature of a young adult, and finally from the eye of a mature individual. All in all, the book offers an enjoyable and interesting experience for the reader.
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Animals of the Holy Bible King James Version

Animals of the Holy Bible King James Version is an introductory illustrated book of animals actually mentioned in the Holy Bible. The illustrations, scriptural verses and author’s notes are intended to build faith and familiarity in the truths found in the Holy Bible. The focus is on children who are just beginning to recognize and understand that the many magnificent creations of a loving Heavenly Father are for the blessing of His children. It is hoped that adults will also enjoy this volume and increase their faith as they share these pages with their children.
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