The Artist


William L. Chesser is a geologist, writer, fine arts artist and illustrator. As an artist/illustrator, he is essentially self-taught. He is a practicing geologist and a published scientific illustrator. He spent many years traveling throughout the western United States and currently resides in Magnolia, Texas. His educational background in geology has uniquely equipped him to illustrate natural phenomena. His geotechnical illustrations have embellished the pages of numerous guidebooks and educational texts. These include a nationally adopted college text and lab manuals in physical geology and an accompanying physiographic world map.

His geological work in the western United States and his great affection for nature and its landforms, its flora and its fauna led to the publication of several guidebooks in that area of the country.

He has been drawing and painting most of his life. His “formal” art education included a public education art class as a teenager. A brief period of private art lessons focused on pen and ink and oil techniques. Then, as an aeronautical engineering student at Florida State University, a class in engineering drawing sharpened his discipline as a technical illustrator. At that same time he began painting oil portraits to put himself through college. Later, he illustrated numerous textbooks, manuals, professional papers, and guidebooks in order to pay for his education leading to several degrees in geology from Brigham Young University. These geological illustrations capitalized on his skills as a disciplined pen and ink illustrator as he also began to develop his skills as a scratchboard artist. During his graduate studies in geology, he completed a course in sculpture intended for art majors. His skills demonstrated in that class led to many discussions with his professor trying to convince him to change his major. In his mid-thirties he took a formal course in airbrush techniques and later a formal class in stained glass techniques. He worked with a friend, who was an art instructor in the public schools in Colorado to develop his skills as a watercolor artist. His curiosity and experimentation has led to the development of several mixed media techniques. Besides his geological illustrations, his fine arts focus has been on wildlife and southwestern landscapes. He has written a number of technical works, numerous children’s stories and loves to teach.